Customs clearance & handling

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Our services are appropriate for all types of shipping requirements, both commercial and private. We handle all facets of customs clearance, including those involving aircraft, waterways, and roads. Effectively clearing your products from customs holds is something we do, and we also assist with delivery.

Cost of cargo shipping

The cost of cargo shipping depends on several factors

such as the weight, volume, and type of cargo, shipping route, mode of transport, and additional services requested.

Packaged for shipping

Cargo is packaged based on its type and size,

and the packaging should be appropriate to withstand the rigors of transportation. Common packaging materials include boxes, crates, pallets, and containers.

Shipping hazardous materials

Hazardous materials must be properly packaged

labeled, and documented according to international regulations. Special handling and transportation requirements may apply, and additional permits or approvals may be required.

Customs clearance

Customs clearance is the process of getting the necessary

approvals and documentation from customs authorities to allow cargo to enter or leave a country. It involves verifying the contents of the cargo, assessing customs duties and taxes, and ensuring compliance with import and export regulations.

Cargo is damaged or lost during shipping?

Cargo insurance can provide protection against loss or damage

of cargo during transit. The carrier’s liability for lost or damaged cargo is usually limited by international conventions, and additional insurance may be necessary to cover the full value of the cargo.

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