Intercity express offers Delivering on a promise of trust

Combining relationships and innovative supply problemsolving abilities allows Intercity Express Cargo to create unmatched transport and logistics value in the region.


To become the go-to provider of sustainable logistics solutions across borders. We aspire to consistently provide world-class services that effectively meet all of our clients’ needs.


To build meaningful and successful connections with our clients by always striving to improve service quality to reach worldwide standards.


To be a logistics company that upholds family principles, prioritizes partner trust and cooperation, and invests in the next generation.


We promise on-time, and transparent sharing of information. We guarantee a fully compliant eco-system in terms of quality, legal standards, safety and reliability


HARD WORK. ABILITY. COMMITMENT. We’ve always given the best service to both clients and carriers, assisting all of us in succeeding in the ever-changing, ever-challenging world of cargo business.

Experience fast and reliable service


Intercity Express was awarded a certificate of appreciation by Emirates SkyCargo, for our continued support during the financial year 2021-2022.

Intercity Express Cargo has received various awards and achievements. From the effectiveness of our international freight transportation to the quality of our service.

Each award inspires us to provide even better services.